Best Tiny House Plans!

Best Tiny House Plans!

Tiny House Trailer Plans

Dear Friend,

Are you looking for a tiny house trailer that is perfectly suited to building your dream tiny house on? If so, you are in the right place!

Finding a suitable trailer for a tiny house can be a challenge at the best of times. Some manufacturers will look at you as though you've just spoken Chinese and others will want to charge you an arm and a leg to design and build one for you.

I had this exact experience back in 2015 when I was trying to find a manufacturer to build my tiny house trailer. I must have called and visited more than a dozen trailer builders and no one had a clue what I was talking about, even when I showed them a file full of pictures.

One guy even said to me, "why don't you just buy a caravan?". 

And I responded by walking out the door rather quickly!

My big mistake back then was not having a professional, engineered set of plans I could use to hand to these manufacturers. 

It would have saved me time, money and a whole heap of frustration!

So for the sake of a few dollars do yourself a favour and avoid the pain I went through. Building a tiny house doesn't have to be hard but it is critical to have a good set of plans to make life easy.

Save yourself hundreds of hours of time, frustration and money with our comprehensive and easy to read plans. They have been developed over many years through real life experience of building and living in tiny houses.