Best Tiny House Plans!

Best Tiny House Plans!

About Us

Dear Friend,

Welcome! I am guessing you are wanting to build a tiny house? I was in your shoes not too long ago so I know some of the thoughts and feelings you must be having.

I began my own tiny house journey back in 2015. At the time I was living overseas but desperately wanted to design and build my own tiny house. So eventually I moved back home to Australia and began the journey. It was super exciting but also a little overwhelming as I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me!

At the time there was very little good information and help available as well so I stumbled my way along and made a heap of mistakes but learnt along the way. It was pretty frustrating and not to mention, time consuming and costly!

If you are beginning the journey I am sure you can agree, it's by no means easy, designing and building a tiny house. was established with the primary goal of helping you to make the whole process a lot easier and more enjoyable by providing you with the best set of plans money can buy. They will save you soo much time and costly mistakes in the long wrong......and save your sanity!

Thanks for dropping by and have an awesome day! 

Best Wishes,