Best Tiny House Plans!

Best Tiny House Plans!

The ComposterLoo Composting Toilet Plans

Dear Friend,

Do you need a composting toilet for your tiny house or small space but don't want to spend $2,000 to get one? Do you hate the thought of spending $2,000 for a plastic bucket? If your answer is yes then you're not alone!

The ComposterLoo is designed for anyone who needs a good looking composting toilet, that works incredibly well AND ONLY COSTS ABOUT $100 TO BUILD!!

You don't need any fancy skills, just some basic wood working tools and you can save yourself well over a $1,000. 

Plus, the ComposterLoo can be built in as little as a couple of hours. How does a $1,000 an hour sound as your new hourly rate?

How Does It Work?

The ComposterLoo is a basic composting toilet that has a simple 20 litre bucket inside the toilet. These 20 litre buckets are readily available from most hardware stores which makes it very easy when building your toilet or if you need more at any stage. These buckets come with lids when you buy them which is very handy for storage when they are full of your business to.

When a bucket is full you simply pop the lid on, remove it from the toilet and then pop in a fresh, empty bucket and repeat the process. It is up to you how many buckets you want to have but we recommend that you buy a minimum of about 4-6 as a good starting point. This way you will only need to empty and clean your buckets about once a month at the most as you will wait until all buckets are full before you empty and clean them all in one go. This saves time and makes life much easier.

Whats Included?

- A 16 page construction guide which will run you through every step of how to build your very own ComposterLoo.

- High resolution colour photos of a real life version of the ComposterLoo so you can see the end result

- The PDF also included CAD images of each major part with dimensions and instructions.

- A list of required materials and tools to get the job done.