Best Tiny House Plans!

Best Tiny House Plans!

FREEDOM - 7.2 Metre (24ft) Tiny House Plans

Bring your dream of living in a tiny house to life with the Freedom 7.2 Metre (24ft) Tiny House Plans. A stunning tiny house on wheels designed for singles, couples and a small family. With a large open plan layout and high ceilings the Freedom model is the perfect solution for the freedom seeker within us all!

The Freedom features a large king size loft, a full size bathroom with a full size bath and also a full size kitchen and living area! This tiny house ticks soo many boxes for its size it's no wonder it is so popular.


This package will save you literally hundreds of hours in front of the computer. All the hard work has been done for you. All you need to do is start building! Here's what's included:


Abundance Tiny House Plans


Choose between PDF plans only or grab the PDF plans and the sketchup file! Ultimate flexibility no matter what your needs.

Our plans include an incredible amount of detail but have been designed for the first time builder in mind so they are very easy to read.

They include:

  • Elevations
  • Floor Plan
  • Sections
  • Details
  • Framing drawings
  • Electrical layout
  • Window & door schedules



Engineering Approval



All of our plans come standard with structural engineering approval so you can be sure you are receiving a quality product that is going to stand the test of time. 

Sleep easy at night knowing that your new tiny home has been designed to the highest of standards.



Engineering Approval



Structural Engineering drawings and notes give you the peace of mind you deserve when building your new tiny home. The engineering drawings and notes give you all of the critical information you need to know to ensure your tiny home is built to the highest of safety and quality standards.

Some things are not worth leaving to chance!



Material List



Save yourself hours upon hours of trying to work out what materials you will need with our included material list.

All of the main building materials have been laid out in an easy to read spreadsheet, along with quantities so you can easily and quickly buy the materials you need.

This will not only save you time but money as well as you can buy the exact quantities you need, thereby reducing your off cuts and waste.



Costing Tool



Save yourself many hours of research in getting prices and budgeting with our easy to read and modify costing tool. It will allow you to very easily forecast and budget for your own tiny house build.

Each material and component is separated out so you can easily account for each and every cost.

It includes real life figures from a tiny house build so you can see exactly what one costs to build. You can then use these numbers as a guide and make changes as you need to.



Trailer Plans



Our trailers are the top sellers in Australia and it's no wonder why with so many handy features that will have you saving time and money with your build! 

Features such as:

  • Underside flashing so you can insulate the floor space of your tiny house. No cold feet in winter!
  • Mounting studs to bolt down your house to the trailer. No need to subject yourself to hours of painful drilling through your steel chassis.
  • Designed specifically to suit the plans included so there is no need to spend time & money trying to integrate the two. It's a match made in heaven! 


Normally Now
 Tiny House Plans $597 $147 - $197
Engineering Approval $500 FREE
Engineering Drawings & Notes $500 FREE
Material List $97 FREE
Costing Tool $197 FREE
Trailer Plans $97 FREE



$147 - $197




“We knew exactly what we wanted but couldn't get our design from paper and pen into software. Adam and his team bridged this gap for us at a reasonable cost. The experience has been a pleasure and we would highly recommend his services if you are also struggling with architecture software.” - 
Erin & Matt, Sydney, NSW
"A great company to deal with, Adam is very responsive and helpful, even when dealing with him from overseas. Couldn't be happier with the end product.” – Mark Ebbels, Victoria
“I’m loving the plans by the way. They’re fantastic. Great work!!” – 
Erin Kitchingman



  • 7.2 metres x 2.4 metre (24 x 8 feet) house size
  • Dry weight approximately = 4,500kg or 9,920 lbs (this is the completed tiny house without any personal belongings inside)
  • Approximate cost to build = $35,000 - $45,000 USD or $45,000 - $60,000 AUD (this is a rough guide only as the actual costs can vary significantly due to material choices and labour factors)
  • Timber framed construction (can be modified to suit any construction method and material. Simply get in touch with our team and we can change it to suit your needs)
  • 1 x king size loft bedroom
  • Full kitchen with single bowl sink with draining board, oven and cook top
  • Lots of clever built in storage
  • Space for a 4 seater custom built in couch
  • Full size bath with a rain shower head over the top
  • Space for the toilet of your choice (composting or otherwise)
  • Built in washing machine
  • Utility cupboard on the draw bar for all of your power, water and gas components
  • Designed to sit perfectly on our 7.2 x 2.4 metre (24 x 8 feet) tiny house trailer



What countries are these plans suitable for?

Are plans are designed and engineered to the highest international engineering standards so in most cases they can be used in any country. We have happy customers in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries all over the world.

What measurements are the plans in?

Our plans are available in both imperial (feet & inches) and metric (metres & millimetres) measurements. You can choose the measurement that will best suit your needs by selecting the option from the drop down box, near the 'Add To Cart' button at the top of this page. 

How do I receive the plans?

All of our plans are downloadable files. As soon as you complete checkout they will be available for you to download from our website. You can then choose to print them out or simply read them from the device of your choice. Please note that some sizes and options will not be available for instant download from time to time due to upgrades and modifications. We will be in touch after purchase if this is the case and will send your plans through as soon as they are ready. 

Will I be able to read, edit and use the plans? 

Yes! As long as you can read and use a computer then you will be able to use these plans. Since you are on our website and reading these words you will be able to use our plans.

What if I struggle to work it out & I need help?

You can get in touch with us via email.

What’s not included in the plans?

Our plans are for a single use license only and cannot be reproduced and sold. If you are starting a business and would like to use our plans to build and sell more than one tiny house then please contact us here to enquire about our commercial licensing options.

I don’t know if I can afford to build a Tiny House? What should I do?

Luckily these plans come with a comprehensive costing spreadsheet which is filled with real costs from building one of our models which will help you to budget for your own build. You can easily adjust the figures to suit your size and material choices and get a great idea of how much your build is going to cost before you start.


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